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Floor Report

The floor is that part of our environment with which we daily come into contact with for the longest period of time. It is also the element of our living space, whose development we pay the least attention to.

With "The future at your feet" project, our goal is to re-think the concept of the floor entirely and throw the things we rest our assumptions on overboard.

The search is on for the floors of the future.

More about

The exhibition

The pool of ideas generated from our creative teams is tangible and can be seen, felt, heard and moved around on in the exhibition.

The exhibition

The vision of the floor of the future describes the scenario in which the floor responds all the time and everywhere to the individual requirements of people. The Breakable concept will in turn raise our awareness: the floor will expose patterns of its own accord as soon as you step on it and this means that it will become a repositary of our memories. Superminimal focuses on the topic of material reduction and shows how in future our floor may well only consist of a single layer, a wafer-thin but high-strength woven fabric load-bearing layer. The Unplugged vision shows us a world in which the floor conducts electricity, supplying our electrically-powered consumer goods with electricity without the need for cabling. Change describes a future in which the form of the upper surface of the floor changes dynamically thereby assisting us at every step we take. Mobile Floors renders our hitherto static floor flexible. In future it will be able to adopt any shape we like. And finally Mappa Mundi will try to understand and and show our mother earth in its entire extent. 

Exhibition places

The first stop for the "The future at your feet" exhibition was the Stadthaus in Ulm. For a fortnight everything there hinged around the questions, "What will the floor of the future look like?  What will it be able to do? And how will it affect our daily lives?

This was followed by exhibitions at several trade fairs in Germany and Switzerland: Contractworld in Hannover in January 2012, Steffel Trend Show in Berlin March 2012, Messe Farbe in Köln March 2013, Suisse Floor in Luzern April 2013 sowie Suisse Bau in January 2014 in Basel.

In many interesting conversations we were able to encourage our visitors to think and make the great potential attentively, we see in the future of flooring.


The versatile exhibition concept was awarded four times.

In December 2011, the exhibition won gold in the category of space / architecture in the competition "Gute Gestaltung 12". The prize was awarded by the German Designer Club (DDC).

In October 2012, the exhibition is awarded the red dot award in the category communication design

At the International Design Award Baden-Württemberg, the Focus Open 2012, the exhibition was awarded the "Focus in Silver".

In addition, the exhibition concept is Winner of the German Design Award 2013, awarded by the German Design Council.

With the friendly assistance of:

Huntsman BASF Alberdingk Boley AkzoNobel