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Floor Report

The floor is that part of our environment with which we daily come into contact with for the longest period of time. It is also the element of our living space, whose development we pay the least attention to.

With "The future at your feet" project, our goal is to re-think the concept of the floor entirely and throw the things we rest our assumptions on overboard.

The search is on for the floors of the future.

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Die Zukunft unter uns

What lies behind "The future at your feet"?

The issue of flooring is complex – it is as multi-faceted as the approach taken in this project. It consists of three major components: The seven thematic worlds, the impulses and the concepts. When the project is viewed all together – and each item individually – it offers us a glimpse into the future of flooring.

Alongside a look forwards, we are also venturing a brief look back as well. In the Book of Origin, we show history from the perspective of our most patient contemporary witness: the floor.


The impulses

Impulse Portraits

We meet all kinds of people and personalities in order to discuss the future of flooring with them.

To the impulses

The concepts

Can floor be more than just floor in future? Our seven concepts and visions show: Yes, it can.

To the concepts

The exhibition

The exhibition

The highlight on the trip into the future of the floor and the best thing about it: the exhibition.

To the exhibition

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