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Floor Report

The floor is that part of our environment with which we daily come into contact with for the longest period of time. It is also the element of our living space, whose development we pay the least attention to.

With "The future at your feet" project, our goal is to re-think the concept of the floor entirely and throw the things we rest our assumptions on overboard.

The search is on for the floors of the future.

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Lots of people – Lots of insight

Exactly what "The future at your feet" needs. For this reason we continuously address different people who all have one thing in common: A particular relationship to the topic of flooring. The things that our impulse generators say about the future of floors can be read about here. Have fun exploring and keep the impulses coming!

If, in future, it were possible to control the floor virtually and to individually change it; that would be innovative and emotional and therefore unbeatable. Then the floor could become a person's friend and companion.+Rudolf SchrickerInterior designer
The main criterion when assessing a room's acoustics is the reverberation time.+Ralph WeischedelEngineer
From the two-dimensional floor, this could create a growing, changing, three-dimensional structure.+Britta NagelArchitect
Talking with Dirk Baecker - systems theorist, Friedrichshafen.+Dirk BaeckerSystems theorist
I could imagine that the viewing angle extends to the floor, and that it is used more heavily as a major element of room design.+Harald BudelmannUniversity Professor of Building Materials
Talking with Kirsten Helfrich - artist, Bregenz.+Kirsten HelfrichArtist
It would be nice if there were really elastic trampoline floors or ones that had synthesizers integrated in them in order to be able to create additional music during dance. +Sabine LynchTänzerin
Talking with Winfried Nussbaummüller - Curator & Art Agent, Bregenz.+Winfried NussbaummüllerCurator
That shows the importance of the floor: Because it is important to us, it is copied and imitated.+Friedbert VogelgsangArchitect
I would try to make more green areas out of our pavements and paths, grass, moss – “greenways” so to speak.+Frank LotzkatBarefootwalker
We only consider the floor if this sends out particular stimuli when we walk on it, or if it has an unusual design. Otherwise the floor is just a part of life – like the sky.+Andreas PfetschMaster joiner
The floor's potential nowadays can be compared to our brain's potential: effectively, we are only utilizing a small part of what could be possible.+Konstantin NovoselovNobel laureate in Physic
Under the microscope the actually dirty floor of a cave becomes a natural world of wonders consisting of tiny, beautiful stones.+Petra BoldtSpeleologist
For us, the floor has less the position of a “treasure” or a lifestyle product - its function is significantly more decisive.+Hannes BäuerleMaterial specialist
Floors today must be much more authentic than before. +Udo HerrmannMaster joiner
The ground is always the basis of the entire mobility. It is the basis on which we live. Regardless of whether I walk, ride a bike or drive a car, I travel on the ground. Even if I take a flight by plane, I have to start and land on the ground.+Ralf RoosProfessor
The floor is able to transform and becomes multifunctional.A green turf for a soccer game can turn into a red cinder pinch for a tennis match.+Oliver van PouckeStudent
Appreciation of the ground has little to do with ownership of it.Instead it is a matter of what the ground can give us, whether we identify with it and develop a relationship with it.+Viola HellwagLandscape architect
I frequently think about how to achieve cost-effective floor care for different floorings without harming the environment.+Michael PelgerHead of the engineering department
The flooring is enormously important for us, because we have to come to terms with it strategically. Our feet are therefore sensors, and give us the necessary mobility for defence.+Bogac DemirerManaging Director of the “Krav Maga Union”
I see the floor as the basis of the function. +Axel HoffmeisterArchitect
The floor is our reference system. During weightlessness this point of reference is lost. After a certain time body and mind learn how to adapt to this and that’s fascinating to me from a biological point of view.+Ulrike FriedrichProject manager of “Parabelflüge des Raumfahrtmanagements"
One could also take a completely new approach and place the lawn areas at different points. We humans are simply reliant on greenery, and greenery and flooring belong inseparably together.+Thomas BüchnerOwner of the company “Büchner Fertigrasen”
Floor could also change its colour. Surely this is an interesting thought for the living spaces because why should light only come from above? Why can’t light come from everywhere?+Bernd ThieleVideo artist
Talking with Cedric Bomford - Artist, Vancouver.+Cedric BomfordArtist
The floor has an important, fundamental task in the case of the fixtures, fittings and furnishing – it brings together all the elements in the room. All objects in the room are connected to each other by the floor. The floor can change perception and the effect of the entire fitout on many levels.+Kathrin Martin-FröhlingHead of the German feng-shui institute
The principle of “Cradle to Cradle” offers an exciting solution to the subject of ecology in the future.Products are used and after they are worn out, recycled and used in another form: For example, plastic, which in its next life becomes a floor. +Harry GattererTrendexplorer
From an ecological point of view and for reasons of quality of life, green spaces are very important in cities. They ensure the climate is balanced and filter out many contaminants. However, we cannot build parks everywhere. One option would be to plant as many unused spaces as possible – especially walls or building facades. This would really improve the quality of life in our cities.+Andre PetersScientific assistant
I use the floor as my canvas.In street painting, the art comes to the observer.+Edgar MüllerStreet artist and street painter
The floor is the surface I am walking on at the moment. Even the tip of a 2-meter wall will become a floor in Parkour in certain situations. Most of the time it is the area between single elements of movement and for this reason an important point of connection.+Ben SchefflerParcour freerunner
What the floor is capable of or not lies in the hands of those who walk on it.+Benjamin LiborStudent
It would also be great if you could simply fall down on the floor and it then assumed your body shape. This makes me think that you could also fill the floor with soft Styropor granulate – turning the floor into one huge beanbag.+Peter BöckPainter & Artist
Different surfaces create different stimuli, and influence the human senses in a positive way.+Christine & Julian KalcherPilates- & Yoga teachers
If all data could be transmitted over carpeting, cable connections would no longer be needed.+Hans RiederInterior decorator
Instead of big concrete plazas, green areas will permeate our cities... We are giving Nature back its space and separating ourselves from steel, glass, concrete.+Anne KleinYoga teacher
Through clever design, through changes in the colour or consistency, the floor could be used to define different room zones. +Klaus BeilInterior designer
What would happen if we simply carried our own floor around?A floor which would make every area our area?+Caroline KappStudent
With the medical aspect in mind, it would be important to me that people move away from smooth floors and develop an actively operative floor with different surfaces. It would be helpful especially in the living room – an at-home barefoot park, so to say.+Frank SteebOrthopaedic physician
Maybe, in the future, we can simply sink our furniture into the floor when we are not using it.+Manfred NaujoksChemical engineer
The artist Olafur Eliason wanted to fill one level with water, one level with beaten earth and one level with fog. You can image what a challenge that was for us. +Markus UnterkircherDirector of building technology

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