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Floor Report

The floor is that part of our environment with which we daily come into contact with for the longest period of time. It is also the element of our living space, whose development we pay the least attention to.

With "The future at your feet" project, our goal is to re-think the concept of the floor entirely and throw the things we rest our assumptions on overboard.

The search is on for the floors of the future.

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The Uzin Utz AG

With a worldwide workforce of around 1,000 employees, the Ulm-based company is dedicated to its task of being a competent partner with regard to all aspects of floor laying - both in theory and practice. Through the intelligent integration of the brand portfolio, Uzin Utz AG is in the position to offer comprehensive products and system solutions which address the issue of flooring: From purely advisory services at the planning stage, the range of services and products extends from screed surfaces through to applying a finish to the finished floor.

To mark its 100th anniversary, Uzin Utz AG initiated the ‘The future at your feet’ project, which not only builds upon the many years of the company’s history, but also expands the expertise and knowledge base of the company. A wealth of experience has been accumulated over 100 years – a good enough reason as any to look further into the future than usual.

Further information can be found at www.uzin-utz.com and www.ufloor-systems.com.